3944  Pembroke Rd. Unit B
Pembroke Park, FL 33021

​​  Add On Drinks 

Water bottles $1.50

Assorted Sodas $1.50

Orange Juice Bottles $3

Sparkling Water $3

​Tea Station

$6 per guest | Minimum 20 guests

Hot Package Includes:
-Hot Water (box for drop off/rentals with staff)
-Disposable cups

Cold Package Includes:
-Ice bucket and scoop (disposable for drop off/rentals with staff)
-Drink Dispensers (disposable for drop off/rentals with staff)

Choice of 3 Teas:
-Classic Lipton

-English Breakfast 
-Earl Grey

-Wild Sweet Orange
-Chai Classic

​​  Coffee Service​ 

$4 per guest | Minimum 20 guests


drop off style - coffee boxes
coffee service with staff - stainless steel machine 

All coffee service set ups include:
-Assorted Creamers
-Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners
-$1 for Truvia, Stevia, Sugar in the RAW
-Stirrers, Napkins, & Cups 

*decaf option available*

​​  Bar Packages

We offer a wide array of bar options. Please contact the sales team to discuss your event's needs 754-610-4373 or email them to info@redchaircatering.net for an estimate.